Nano-Technology Lighting Solutions

New Light Guides with Nano-Imprinted Micro-Lenses create unique LED Lighting solutions.

Powerful for the full range of illuminated Electronics applications.


Ideal Performance in a thin profile package....

  • Very High Uniformity Lighting using special design software to layout Micro-Lenses.   No dark areas or extra bright areas.
  • Improved Brightness 
  • Light is provided only in areas that is needed improving efficiency.
  • Very thin profiles available from 0.2mm to 0.8mm
  • Compatible with a wide range of LEDs in white, color, Infrared and UV.
  • Custom shapes and sizes to meet your specific design requirements.
  • Complete assemblies available with Touch, LED light bars, Circuitry, Cover Plates, Reflectors, Coatings, etc.

LED Light Guides...Unique Micro-Lens Technology

Our LED Light Guides are created using Micro-Lens technology.    The Micro-Lenses are extremely small….below visibility…. and are created using Semiconductor Process Technology.   Micro-Lens Arrays provide very uniform lighting, improve brightness and  improve  efficiency better than other types of Light Guides in a very thin profile.   Results are improved quality and performance, but, also, lowers LED quantities and power requirements.  

Back Light Guides and Front Light Guides explained....

Back Lighting

Displays of various types can be lit from the backside.  Light is projected from the Light Guide located behind the display or image.    Examples are LCD Displays, Logos, Decor, and Uniform Light Sources.   See APPLICATIONS for more details.

Front Lighting

Reflective type of displays and images can be lit from the front side.  This  allows low power devices to use much less power to light their displays and images.   See Front Lighting for more details….

Complete Light Guide Assemblies are an option....

We have the capability to provide complete solutions to your lighting requirements.   This includes the Light Guide, Reflector, LED array or Light Bar, Cover Glass and Adhesives integrated into a complete assembly ready to install in your application.  Each assembly is designed to meet your specifications.  This assembly can include an LCD, Eink or other type display with appropriate Back Lighting or Front Lighting as required.   Sizes may range from a small Watch size up to large 41″ E ink display sizes.

However, we can provide individual components such as Back Light Guides, Front Light Guides, Reflectors, LED arrays or Light Bars, and Diffusers as required as well.

Our Light Guide Users...

An impressive world wide list of customers using these very cost effective products.