Light Guide Nano Imprinting Technology

Unique Nano-Imprinted Thin Films Technology creates custom Backlighting and Frontlighting capabilities for the full range of Electronics.  Our Technology is unique:  We vary the layout of Micro-Lenses to achieve higher efficiency and uniformity than can be achieved by standard Light Guide films and plates.   This allows electronic devices to be uniformly and efficiently lit with very thin profile lighting sources.

Nano Imprinted Micro-Lens Structures

Brightness Enhancement

Brightness Enhancement is achieved by designing the micro-structures to control the direction of light.   As illustrated above, more vertical light ” I” is direct through the lenses to project through within a 70 degree range.  Less vertical light “II” is redirected through the sides of the lenses to  project through within the 70 degrees.  More horizontal light will be partially reflected back to the source.    The shape of the lens can be varied to achieve specific light transmission goals.

Micro Lens Arrays

Micro Lens Structure Plates and Films are made up of a complete array of micro-lenses with a variety of shapes depending on the use.   The Lenses are of the size of 10 to 50 um which are imprinted on to the surface of flexible Polycarbonate or other materials in a roll-to-roll process.   These very small lenses are not visible to the naked eye.    These very small lenses and other structures allow diffraction to be effectively used for control of lighting direction.    Unique is the ability to create these micro-structures in a low cost production process in such large surface areas.

Development Software: Light Guide Simulation

Light Simulation Software

Light simulation software is used to analyze the light distribution of the Light Guide Films.  This software assists with the initial design stages providing information to determine the LED quantity, positions and design requirements.

Mastering Process

Large Format Mastering with Custom High Technology Interference Lithography

The combination of Interference Lithography and High Resolution, Large Format Mastering makes Nano Imprinting technology possible.  All of our supplied films are manufactured with this new Nanotechnology Imprinting technology.    This high resolution nanometer imaging makes very exact control of the light direction possible with high transmissivity.     The special imprinting process allows such high resolution imaging to be manufactured at low cost with very high quality and uniformity.  

Light Guide Film Imprinting....Micro View

Example Light Guide Specs.

Roll to Roll Impression Processing (thin films only)

Roll to Roll manufacturing offers lower cost alternative to molded plastic light guides and other film technologies.  The Imprint process uses the master (mold) to imprint onto the films.  Films are then encapsulated with in the Complex process.  The Kiss cut process uses die cutting to make the desired film shapes for easy installation in customer manufacturing. Final films are delivered in rolls for easy shipping and handling.

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