Front Lighting your Display

.....with Nano Imprinted Light Guide Films

Front Light Guides for Reflective Displays

  • Front Light Guides are used with products from Watches to PDA’s, E-readers up to Outdoor Display sizes.  
  • They offer extremely lower power consumption compared to traditional backlit LCDs. 
  • Front light guides are very thin, clear plastic sheets that distribute the light from an edge LED array to the whole viewing area.
  • Back lighting of LCD displays is only 10% efficient or less.    But, Front lighting , with our technology, is  more than 80% efficient.  
  • Lighting is only needed during low light to dark conditions offering further power saving advantages.   
  • So, there is a dramatic savings in battery life of portable displays using Front Light Guides.
New Nano-Imprinting Technology creates unique Light Guide Plates for Reflective Displays used in  Portable Electronics
  • Low Power Consumption…as much as 90% less depending on the application.
  • Uniformity better than 85%
  • Transmission better than 85%  
  • Brighter with Fewer LEDs  
  • Ultra-Thin Profiles       
  • Lower Cost  
  • Flexible (within limits of selected materials.)
Light Guides Thickness

Technical Advantages

  • High uniformity improved by our unique ability to vary Micro-lens density over the surface to control light distribution.
  • Micro-lens technology provides brighter transfer of light to the viewer.
  • Use of Light Guide Plate compared to Injection Molded Plates reduces profile.
  • Roll to Roll imprint manufacturing offers a lower cost alternative to molded plastic light guides.
  • Applications include PDA’s, Tablets, Notebooks, GPS’s, Cameras, Custom Displays.
  • Customized sizes, thicknesses and shapes are accommodated within our capabilities.

Front Light Guide Plates: How they work

FLGP Graphic 4
  • Light travels from the LED array on the left into the Front Light Guide Plate (FLGP) in light blue. 
  • Internal reflection optical characteristics keep the light within the LGF. 
  • Only the local Micro-Lenses re-direct the light down to the LCD, E-ink or other type of reflective display.   
  • Light, then is reflected by the LCD out towards the viewer. 
  • The density or fill factor of the Micro-Lenses can control the amount of light which is redirected. 
  • This allows the FLGP to provide uniform lighting across the display area by varying the Micro-Lens density. 
  • Also, it allows the use of fewer LEDs to provide uniform lighting to reflective displays saving power and cost.

Light Guide Assemblies are an Option....

There are several options that can allow you to have custom components which are bonded together into one assembly for easy installation into your product design….

  1. Front Glass or Plastic Cover which may include anti-glare treatment.
  2. UV protection if required.
  3. Front Light Guide layer
  4. LED Assembly including flex circuit for mounting LEDs and connection to your PCB.
  5. Touch activations
  6. Display unit
  7. Interlayer Adhesives to complete the assembly

Front Light Guide Plate Specifications

MaterialsOptical Grade MaterialsPolycarbonate, Acrylic (PMMA)
ThicknessUltra Slim Profile0.40 mm to 0.8 mm 
Size RangeStandard…..Inquire for larger1″ to 31.2″ diagonal sizes 
OptionsVarious design added optionsLEDs, Flex Circuits, Cover Plates, Protective Films, Coatings, and Adhesives 
Technology High Resolution Nano imprintingLess than 50 micron diameter lens structures are not visible. 
ApplicationsDay/Night Reflective Displays
and Reflective Materials.
Indoor and outdoor displays which require low power and day/night operation.